Saturday, December 10, 2011

Jellie Jam's YA Blog and Sci-Fi / Fantasy Pathfinder

Welcome fellow readers and supporters of YA literature and literacy. I am a teacher soon to be a school librarian in a middle school. On this blog site I will be sharing with you YA literature from 12 different genres.

My favorite genre and one that I have found is under appreciated on many school campuses is science fiction (sci-fi) and fantasy. For those of you that have not yet come to know and love the sci-fi and fantasy genre's I have created a cool pathfinder and blog site just for you. Clicking the What's Out There link below will take you to my pathfinder. Under the students tab are books, e-books, websites, magazines and blogs with sci-fi and fantasy as their subject. I have also created my own blog Jellie's Sci-Fi Fantasy Slam! Click on that tab and get some out of this world book-talks about some of my favorite sci-fi and fantasy jammin' Slammin' reads!

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